It’s been a while since this post, so I decided to write some update about current status and future of this project.

Project is still alive and under development with exciting new features coming soon. Read more below.

Coming up in 2017

Current release is 1.3.9 and it is more focusing on fixing some problems and better error reporting to the user with some features preparing for release 1.4 which is scheduled this Month. You can get list of new stuff in Github Milestone for release 1.4. I invite you to collaborate to the project on Github.

Most important change of release 1.4 is to support optional commercial or free plugins and first plugin to be released also this Month is Editing plugin.

Features of Editing plugin

1. Edit attributes and geometry of any layer in QGIS project:

  • Layer must be PostGIS or Spatialite type and published as WFS.

  • Registered users with permission to the project will be able to edit data, guest users will have only view permissions.

  • Administrator will be able to control edtiting layers via QGIS project settings.

2. Basic editing tasks:

  • Create, Modify geometry, Move, Delete.

  • Dynamic editing toolbar based on layer geometry type

3. Advanced Geometry tasks:

  • Snapping

  • CAD Tools

  • Dissolve (merge)

  • Split Polygon/Polyline with Line

  • Mask (Cut hole)

4. Auto Calculated fields:

  • Geometry (Area or Length)

  • Project name

  • Time of feature creation

  • Time of last feature modification

  • User who created feature

  • User who last modified feature

More information on Editing plugin with video preview and pricing information soon!

New features in 2016

Just a short info of new features added last year:

Mobile client

Integration of OpenLayers 3 Mobile Client. On the client side we now have 2 different map viewers, one standard web viewer and one for devices with smaller screen sizes. On the server side both use same settings from QGIS project and database, meaning you set up your project once.

Blog slika 3
Blog slika 1
Blog slika 2

External location services

These services can give you location of searched address (Geocode) or nearest address and elevation for defined location. Original QWC had Geonames search combo which was replaced for using more powerful providers.

Supported services are:

  • MapBox Surface and Geocoding API

  • MapZen Elevation and Search API.

Read more on Wiki pages.


  • added support for BING maps and WMTS layers

  • a lot of minor things (bug fixes, small changes, error handling, support for new QGIS options like using layer ID’s)