Announcing new release of Extended QGIS Web Client 1.5. As always everything is on GitHub.

What’s new this time:

GIS Portal

This is start page, portal for browsing projects available to specific user. That is public projects and projects where user has permissions to use. User registration and login for EQWC is now handled through GIS portal. Login once and browse projects, without new login needed. GIS portal connects to same database as EQWC and is made with new technology (Codeigniter PHP framework and Bootstrap on client side).

Code is avaialable also on Github.

It features also email service and allows further development for complete Web administration part (managing projects, layers, permissions,…).

Database was updated couple of times for this, for each update is script available, so you need to run them to update your database. Look for readme in scripts folder.

EQWC 1.5

GetFeatureInfo window (Identify) improvements

User can now select and display geometry of specific feature displayed in GetFeatureInfo results. With editing plugin user can also click to edit attributes of feature.

EQWC 1.5 2

User interface improvements

  • New control in top bar for sending user feedbacks to specified email address (per project defined)

  • Add new optional project description HTML file, which is displayed in new Description Panel above Legend tree

  • Make some controls optional per project (measurements, geolocation, feedback)

Map extent restriction

  • Allow or restrict users to move outside map start extent with single database setting per project.


  • Improved support for different types of Base or Overlay layers (WMS, WMTS,…)

  • Minor changes and bug fixes!

  • Wiki pages on Github are updated!

You can see all this on updated examples –