Plugin for Extended QGIS Web Client (EQWC) that makes your own QGIS Web and Mobile Editor by enabling spatial data editing through WFS-T protocol directly in Web browser. You can find more information and demo project about EQWC at GIS Clients page.

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Edit attributes and geometry of any layer in QGIS project

  • Multi User and multi Layer Spatial data editing in Web browser!

  • Layers must be PostGIS type and published as WFS.

  • Registered users with permission to the project will be able to edit data, guest users will have only view permissions.

  • Administrator will be able to control edtiting layers via QGIS project settings.

  • Email notifications to administrator for every data change (insert, update, delete)

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Basic editing tasks

  • Create, Modify geometry, Move, Delete, Change attributes

  • Dynamic editing toolbar based on layer geometry type

  • Dynamic editing attributes form depending on layer structure

  • Easy setup to use drop down lists or checkbox fields

Advanced Geometry tasks

  • Snapping (also between different editing layers)

  • Draw in orthogonal mode

  • Draw in freehand mode (line follows mouse cursor movement)

  • Display segment length, total length and area of current drawing feature

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Data Export

  • Export editing layer into various vector formats using exporting capabilities of Extended QGIS Web Client.

Full license

450one time
  • One time payment, no license restrictions
  • Full support by email, phone or remote desktop for setting up EQWC and plugin
  • User and Administrator documentation
  • Free updates
  • Full source code with minified javascript file for production